Congratulations to Ken Endo and Team Japan for winning both - individual and team World Puzzle Championship!
Watch WPC Play-offs life:
Tiit Vunk won 15th World Sudoku Championship! Best Team is a national representation from Czech Republic. Congratulations to all participants!
Full puzzle booklet is published now. See you all soon. :)
Version 0.4 of Puzzle Instruction Bookelt is published now (new rounds) and we also released detailed schedule.
Sudoku Instruction Booklet version 2.0 including points and roudns length is now published.
Practical hints and tips - check Downloads section for the leafelet with some guidence about Kraków!
Rounds 8 and 10 added to WPC Instruction Booklet.
Rounds 11 and 13 added to WPC Instruction Booklet.
Puzzle Instruction Booklet for rounds 1 to 6, 9 and 12 is published. Discussion will be held on Discord as well.
Sudoku Instruction Booklet Ver. 1.0 is published now! You can access it in WSC Downloads section. Pre-event instruction discussion will be held on Discord. Your Team Captain received a privet Discord link to share with participants.
Excurision options - you can find trip options for Wednesday, 19th of October on our Facebook Page. Your Team Captains are notifed how you should register for them. Please get in touch with your Team Captain for further information.
Event Page on Facebook - please join the event for any updates.
Kindly reminder to Team Captains - Please send to us asap your travel plans if you haven't done it already. Please be aware that we provide transportation from Kraków airpot and Kraków train station only on official arrival days.
Registration ends on 16th of September. Please make sure that your Team is registered by this date. We need some time to arrange transportation, gifts and so on, therefore we need to close registration window one month before Championships.
Participants lists are available now. They will be updated in the meantime. If you spot a mistake, please let us know!
Reminder - please register your teams. More than A team per country are welcome to register. Please be aware that participation fee rises from begininng of August.
Registration for WSPC 2022 opened

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